Raheema Muhammad

Given the right opportunities, Raheema is gaining the confidence to change the world.

Jaedan Booker

An 11-year-old Club member holds his own art opening!

Laila Burnell

Learn why Laila thinks the Club “is a place for any kid to go if they need help with something.”

Tamara Sheppard

After joining the Club at 5 years old, Tamara grew up inspired to engage.

Larry “Chip” King

With twelve siblings, Chip was the first to graduate from high school and college — accomplishments he largely attributes to his positive experiences at the Club.

Isaac Collins

It was love at first sight when Isaac first came to the Club, and his passion remains strong.

Jarron Jones

A Club alum fulfills his dream of making it to the NFL.

Robert Miller

One Club member finds both family and success at Boys & Girls Clubs of Rochester.

Kaliyah Rozier

Kaliyah looks forward to a long future with Boys & Girls Clubs of Rochester.

Juno Simmons

Club inspires alum to dedicate his life to uplifting youth and giving back.