Help support the Club on a regular basis, without having to lift a finger.

By setting up a regularly-scheduled gift of your choosing, the Club can count on support being there when we need it most, and you don’t have to worry about any more checks or donation forms. Even the smallest amount given on a regular basis means that much more support for our kids every day. Your continual giving will create long-lasting change for good!

To set up a recurring gift and join our Great Futures Giving Society, click the link below. 

Join the Society

How can you invest in the future of our youth?

High 5 – $5 per month

This program is for anyone, especially new Club alumni and young professionals – kids who had a lifetime of the Club and are now entering college and the workforce. At $5 per month, this is the easiest way to help us change lives.

Circle 10 – $10 per month

You can provide hope and opportunity for our kids throughout Rochester for just 33 cents per day, or $10 per month. Teamed with 25 friends, you could collectively raise $3000 for our kids!

Kids Fund – $25 per month

The perception that you can’t change a life without a significant investment is not accurate. The Kids Fund allows donors to make a monthly investment of just $25 per month.

A Hand Up – $50 per month

One month of afterschool programs – for one child in need. $50 per month allows a child to receive vital programming all year long.

LifeChangers – $83.33 per month

At the end of one year of giving $83.33 per month, you will have donated $1,000! Become a LIFECHANGER by pledging $1,000 for 3 years.

You Decide!

The denominations listed here are suggestions, but you can choose to give any amount that works best for you.

Great Futures Giving Society Members

Nora and Emil         Jon Kresky

      Michael Bloch         Fred Lockhart

Dr. Chuck & Joanne Cavallaro         Towania Manor                  

                 Kelly Foss         Alana McGovern

   Kris Gibbs Smith         Kevin Maroney

        Mary Gilbert          Lauryn Minter

      Heidi Gregory         Joseph Sayre 

 Kara Jackson-Michalski         Evangelos Tavelaris 

       Barbara Janas         Alexis Thomas

     Larry “Chip” King         Vince Vongkhily

  Michael Knorr         Carol Wells

Stephanie Youst     

Peggy Hill

     Thanks as well to our anonymous donors not included in this list. 

Need more information?

View our brochure below to get more information about our Great Futures Giving Society.

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Thank You For Your Support

We are honored by the strong commitment of individuals, businesses and foundations, and we appreciate every gift – large and small. We couldn’t do this without you! Thank you for helping us invest in the lives of our Club members.