11-year-old Club member holds art opening


Club member Jaedan Booker is an aspiring artist! Guests joined us for his art gallery opening on a bustling First Friday in May 2019 with our friends at Imprintable Solutions, Ink. In doing so, attendees helped him support his dream of becoming a successful artist.

Jaedan’s love for the arts began at the age of 4, starting with music. Because Jaedan was nonverbal, he would use beats and sounds to communicate.

As he began to grow, so did his talent. He started drawing the Feelings Chart, in order to communicate with his family how he felt. Jaedan would put great detail in the expressions, and his family realized he had an extraordinary gift, despite – or thanks to – his autism disorder.

When several Club members had an art show at Imprintable Solutions, Ink over the previous few months, 11-year-old Jaedan was excited and encouraged to see his work was not only well-received, but selling fast. He now hopes to create an artistic brand, all of his own.

Not only could guests purchase his art directly, but they also had the chance to buy a t-shirt with their choice of his art printed on the spot! Jaedan’s art show hung for the months of May and June.

“By working with Tina at Imprintable Solutions and Jaedan’s family, we are trying to create his own brand, which would include his own website for selling his artwork on t-shirts, bags, etc. His dream is to be an artist, and his work is already selling. I love being able to help this young man accomplish his dreams!” said Andrea Young, Art Director at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Rochester.

Watch the local news footage of the event here.

Jaedan's work on a shirtJaedan's artJaedan talks to the news